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Detroit skyline paintings and local Detroit wood photo blocks by Melissa Douglas artist at Vision Restoration Detroit.  Melissa Douglas is a local Detroit resident who displays her heart and vision for Detroit through art in paintings, photography and letterpress and her visions through her blog. 

Bentley John

Bentley John.

what a little bundle of joy. 

Bentley is a special little one. He is the most curious and creative kid I have ever encountered. He is the funniest kid, I watched him the other day and he just thought everything was the funniest. Boy does this kiddo have joy, abundant joy is the only way to describe it. He just doesn't have the cares in the world that others do, he simply is free from the cares of the world. He is just the sweetest. His parents, Adrienne and David are the most supportive and loving family this little one could have, praise God. 

In Detroit

Tonight while seeing different things in my feed on Facebook I came to this, "In Detroit, no dream is too big or small." 

It is this reoccurring theme, people are always talking about how in Detroit you can take whatever your dream is and run with it. There is so much room for growth in this city it is really just incredible. 

No dream is too big nor too small, if there is something you desire to come to life, Detroit is the place. This city welcomes birth, creativity and new things. I am so delighted to be a part of this movement in this place. 


Next week I will be in Wyandotte for the 52nd Annual Wyandotte Street Art Fair! I will have so much new product. I hope to see some new and familiar faces this upcoming week in Wyandotte! If you mention you saw this blog post when you purchase an item, you will receive 7% off your purchase. Find all the information about the art fair here

Cheers Friends!

Images of paintings and art Copyright Melissa Douglas

Images of Studio and Melissa Copyright Caryn Noel