Vision Restoration Detroit

Detroit Art

Detroit skyline paintings and local Detroit wood photo blocks by Melissa Douglas artist at Vision Restoration Detroit.  Melissa Douglas is a local Detroit resident who displays her heart and vision for Detroit through art in paintings, photography and letterpress and her visions through her blog. 


Next week I will be in Wyandotte for the 52nd Annual Wyandotte Street Art Fair! I will have so much new product. I hope to see some new and familiar faces this upcoming week in Wyandotte! If you mention you saw this blog post when you purchase an item, you will receive 7% off your purchase. Find all the information about the art fair here

Cheers Friends!

This Journey Of Freedom

Define freedom....

Well, if you live in America, you know, "The Land of The Free" then you must be free, right? Surely, I don't experience freedom just from being in a place; I experience freedom when I am able to be fully myself, and when I am embraced for being fully myself. What does that even look like?

It looks like being rooted and grounded in who you were created to be. Rooted and grounded in desiring the things you desire and pursing that which has been instilled within you since you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

There have been so many ways I have been able to experience freedom in its fullest regard. One way has been getting rid of American ideals of what freedom is. "It is for freedom that we have been set free." This is what freedom is. We are free because we have been set free from all things. This is the simplest way to put it.

I have realized this idea that freedom is having things. Which is a totally idealistic thing and I have put freedom in this idea of having things, or being something. This may seem totally out of perspective, but think about it.  You may see and man or woman on the street asking for money or food and you think, oh man that person has it really tough. Honestly, that person is probably more self-aware because they are not consumed with so many things that this place we live in considers so deeply important, which creates in them a free heart. 

When we are able to free ourselves up from different things that seem to own us we are able to become free in so many other areas of our lives.

My husband and I were considering purchasing a house last fall and actually were heavily pursing it. I suddenly had this revelation that if were to purchase a house in this season of our life it would literally own us. I'm not saying if you own a house it owns you, but I am saying if you allow your possessions to control various aspects of your life, your possessions may own you. 

Another way I experience freedom, is honesty in relationships. There is such a joy and freedom experienced deep within me when I am able to be honest with someone. I don't mean honest with someone and fearful of their reaction. I mean being honest with someone because I know who I am. When are fully aware of who we are, we don't live in fear of others reactions or perceptions. 

Freedom is such a multifaceted journey, I am so thankful I have had revelations of what it means to be free. It hasn't been the greatest circumstances in which I have had these revelations, but today I know who I am more than I ever have before and I understand freedom deeper than ever.

New Places

Last week I went to Grove City, PA with some friends of mine. 

During this trip I realized how inspiring new places are. I have had multiple conversations with people prior to this realization. I often say they are, but I don't necessarily realize it. It was not until this trip that I was really taken back by how refreshing it was. 

I think the more I realize this, the more I realize the trueness within my heart. I am able to just be, not have to be anywhere, or do anything, just be. I really enjoyed it over this last trip. Through I am self-employed, being in a new place just cultivates creativity. 

Here are some photos from the trip, mostly all from this park, where I was seriously in all of my glory. 


Images of paintings and art Copyright Melissa Douglas

Images of Studio and Melissa Copyright Caryn Noel